Metal Roofing

In the past 10 years metal roofing has become much more popular. On newly constructed homes a bay window, portico or family room often has a metal roof on it. These little details help the home stand out. Likewise, when replacing roofs on older homes, B&E Roofing will often install a farmer's porch or a dormer with metal. It truly is a great look.

Metal Roofing comes in many different colors and can be installed with a snap lock system so now visible screws are seen or a corrugated style with surface screws.

Perhaps the best aspect of metal roofing is its longevity and it's virtually impervious to ice damming. We have installed metal roofs all around Dover, Sherborn, Needham, Wellesley and even as far as New Hampshire and Maine. Whether a homeowner is choosing metal roofing for its durability or its effectiveness against New England winters, it will definitely increase a home's value.

If you want the convenience and peace of mind of working with established, professional metal roof installers; with a sterling reputation, spanning Dover, Sherborn, Medfield, Needham, and throughout the Greater MetroWest area, contact B&E Roofing for a free estimate. As leading metal roof installers, we can help take the uncertainty out of replacing your roof -- and at a competitive price.