About B&E Roofing

B&E Roofing has been a family-owned and operated roofing company since 1992, dedicated to providing outstanding service with quality materials at a reasonable price.

B&E President Brian Comiskey grew up in the MetroWest town of Dover and has lived in the area his entire life. His family has been part of the fabric of Dover’s small-town community for over six generations.

Brian began his career in the trades while working during summers off from St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. He began roofing as an apprentice after college and continued this work for six years, learning all applications for cedar, copper, asphalt, slate and rubber roofing before establishing his own company. Ably assisted by a staff of experienced, tenacious and detail-oriented employees, Brian personally oversees and is actively involved in every roof replacement and installation contract.

B&E Roofing never subcontracts roofing services to a general contractor, or to any other company or individual. We take pride in knowing that each nail was hammered by a B&E Roofing trained employee, not a subcontractor.

If you want the convenience and peace of mind of working with an established, professional roofing company; with a sterling reputation, spanning Dover, Sherborn, Medfield, Needham, and throughout the Greater MetroWest area, contact B&E Roofing for a free estimate. As a leading roofing company, we can help take the uncertainty out of your roofing needs -- and at a competitive price.